Sunday, April 5, 2009

tick tock tick tock

has very last spring should be cheerful,lively, energetic, but it seems to me i'm slacking...i think it's a rebound effect from my intense feeling of anxiety to the incoming events..exams, exams.This is not an usual exam, it's my very last one here as a medical student and my competency in practicing medicine is yet to be judged by my future clinical performance..

I was talking with a friend about Anxiety...and it is categorized into the primary ones and the medical causing and substance induced anxiety.

To diagnose anxiety: one has to fulfill 4 from the criteria below
Abdominal distress
Nausea, Numbness
Intense feeling of fear
Choking,chills, chest pain
Shaking, sob, sweating. (PANICCCSSS)

For the past few weeks i have been experiencing sleeping disturbance.I wake up at wee hours and try to sleep back..
my shoulder and neck pain is back it's more tensed than last winter..*sigh*
and i get irritated easily when someone just doesn't follow my course of system..which i dont agree with..(*toot* OFF).

I miss home...i have been counting the days ..
And it's torturing...*bbwwwaaahhhh*

..hang in there...just another 84 days..=)

sienz.......i miss pap,ma, adek, a fan, n him too..

taken on the way back from bowling at Europa...

sorry for the short post...nothing to write about...

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Anonymous said...

hey,jia you jia you..all the best for finals!

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