Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Some of the cliche doings while backpacking in groups..

Everyone wants to be at the perfect spot and angles.Multiple shoots with different portrait but same setting..
Even one person stands on the street,the rest would luurrve to stand too..


Advertorial pose makes the picture juicier!


Everyone becomes animal lover convert.



and baby/babes lovers..


This little one sure has poise in him..=)

When the souvenirs are jaw droppingly arse-painfully unaffordable,all we could do is to eye wash ourselves..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips for budget travellars Part II


If you are a breaky person, the breakfast served at the hostels are convenient enough and time sparing. *tips! you can carry away some finger foods just in case for your long run at outdoors*

Try to be friendly with the local people and you will get travel tips for cheap stuff everywhere. Talk with people about the country and get some cheap travel tips about the place.

While flying a low cost air, usually the destination of the airport is far away from city center.Do research on the airport and if you are planning to put a night at the airport, not every airport operates 24 hours/day.This happened to me while i was in Paris, and me and my friends had to come out with a back up plan to find a place to crash.
I'd blogged about sleeping in airport here. Bare in mind, it's always handy to carry along:
water tumble, vacuum flask,universal socket,facial towel, eye patch, a novel(for book lovers), socks(in case during winter, airport is cold!) and gadgets and some medicines.

If you are traveling during winter, don't forget to keep track on the flight info board cz flight delay and cancellation is a common scenario.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tips for budget travellars Part I

You can still enjoy traveling if you have a tight bank saving. Budget traveling is enjoyable provided that you make some compromise on your dreams.

Target for cheap air tickets during promotions!
Yes! especially winter sales!! the flight tickets are jaw-droppingly cheap! I don't have a concrete plan when comes to choosing the destination, it all depends on the offers given by the traveling agent.And why i choose winter?Because it's the season when less people travel,accommodation and F&B are also cheaper.

make sure you have your international student identity card with you(ISIC) through out the journey.With this card, you can snatch some tasty deals, from ho(s)tels to F&B,from car rentals to sports,from making calls(international) to medical care, museums and parks,cinemas,and lots more! FYI,usually the traveling agent will provide you a FOC ISIC,so, don't be shy to ask about it.

Do research on the countries you are going.You can google it, read about it in wikipedia, and last but not least, seek advice from friends, families or relatives who had visited the place.Find out if the place worth a visit(if you are having a short stay in the countries),how long should you stay for the visit,and also where to put a night.Yes, when comes to accomodation.....

2.location(city center?outskirt?) from travelers
4.cleanliness(i admit Asians are quite particular in terms of hygiene)
another tips, you can register yourself with this site:, where travellers can share their thoughts and opinions on everything related to traveling, well of course you can post your questions there and friendly travelers will be happy to help out.
To find some affordable accommodation, I can suggest you some useful sites:

Here is an example of the hostel search web page,whether you can sort hostels by availability,rating or price and even names.
And make sure you know about the exact location of the hostel. Print out the map which is attached on the site,so that you won't waste redundant hassle.



Remember, read the reviews posted by previous visitors.Regardless of high rankings, they might also a few dissatisfaction that may catch your attention.

Do not pay unwanted facilities, and pay attention to the hidden cost!
If you plan to just put a night and leave the place early before breakfast is served, you can opt for a cheaper hostel without breakfast included.
Read at the facilities and service provided.And not every amenities are counted in your payment.

After you've done with all the bookings with the hostels,remember to print out a copy of the summary.

stay tune for part II.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

snatch thief

Malaysia has been replete with crime and violence!!Public security is deteriorating, and measures should be taken to curb crimes and to restore distrust of the police.

This what I've learnt from a very recent incident that had caused me enough pain. I got down from the driver's seat and walked along the left side of the road with my handbag on my right,while i was about to near the pedestrian on the left, i felt a hand sliding over my handbag and the next second i was on the ground, with my lateral right landing the ground first. He attacked me from my back, on a bike.The bag was with me, I didnt let it go unintentionally, it was pulled down by gravity with my falling momentum grasping the bag away off his hand.If i have a heavier mass, i sure had pulled him off the bike. I was dragged on the road for a few seconds until he let go, causing me damages on my elbows and knees..


I was fortunate enough that the snatch thief was prowling solo, if not..i wouldn't have been this lucky...
Sigh,need to do dressing and withstand the pain on my skin that has never been damaged throughout my life..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Smena Virgin Roll

i've just developed my very 1st roll of film from the shots i took from smena.Would love to share them here..some of them edited for better visualization.








Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Revamp of a memorable moment

Yes, we graduates of VSMU organized ourselves another convocation at the Equatorial Hotel,KL on behave of our loved ones who had longed for this very moment to capture our moment of pride and joy.

Itinerary of the day:
9-10:arrival of graduates , frens and family.
10-103: arrival of vip *
1030: welcoming speech
1045:Speech by Director of Russian Culture Centre
1100:Speech by Malaysian Medical Association representative (Dato' Dr P Vijaya Singham)
1115:Speech by graduate's representative(Theenesh)
1130:Slide Show + Student to changing room for robing
1150:VIP to changing room for robing
12oo:scroll giving ceremony
1240:Presentation of gifts to VIP and graduation committee members
1250:Official photos of Graduates & RCSC Director
1300:Dining start + photo slide show
14oo:Free photo session
1500: end

I was appointed to do the presentation show again and plus the back ground music trough out the event. Since there will be a 2 sessions of presentations, I've decided to make 2 categories of presentation, one showing the scenery of Volgograd, and the other one is candid photos of all the graduates.

i stayed at my uncle's at Old Klang Road. To avoid traffic, we departed really really early that day and reached the hotel at 7.20am.

mum n me managed to pull a smile even before our soporness wear off.

Arrived at 7.20am, i saw no one.There was only one hall manager briefing through our tables.Even the ribbons for the chairs were still dangling. My uncle had to leave for work, so we gathered to take the 1st shot of the day.(even the uni logo was not put up yet)

While waiting for the person in charge of the control room to arrive, me and my family waited outside the hall..


The music i've chosen are not only sentimental ones, but also the genres from pop to RnB, from blue jazz to rock which meet the current hype.I know how to mobilize the environment so that people's mood will swing according to the setting.
Here i would like to share something personal, during the slideshow presentation while i was managing the laptop linked to the projector,(yes, the event manager,Zul helped me to set up a personal working space for me to run the tech), a parent neared me:"do you have sentimental music?(shouting to overcome the music)...convocation plays only sentimental music, not music like this....i mean the orchestra should use music without lyrics",
" sorry uncle, now we are showing the slideshow,the background music is set, sentimental ones are on their way..."
" tell them to change, it's not the way you use music like this..."
them?it was me okay?

The V.I.Ps

Pap came forward to snap me at my working space,smile la...(just right beside the steps to the stage)

Daddy's pride!

After dining, photosession....

Mdm. Natalia Goncharenko,one of our guest of honor who is so dedicated to her students.


Olga Ignatenko, bubbly friendly teacher from VSMU.

Pap! eerr....the wedding picture on the LED is not related..


Phew...but.but's not the end of the story yet....we waited for almost 1.5hours for my uncle to fetch us..damn long and damn massive traffic at Sungai Wang..and his car showed sign of mati soon as we reached stopped right in front of the main entrance..yes!! the red wira!! that's US! died right in the middle of the most crowded area of KL...while waiting for the mechanic, me n mum escaped from the scotch and went into least we came out with a better solution rather than standing under the fireball and sweat like fat kid in the cannibal camp..
P/S: It was my 1st time going to Pavilion...
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