Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Say what, last nite i watched the news reporting that our DEAR Government is reqruiting local private chinese schools graduants into teaching chinese in primary school. Not long ago, they(the govern) had issues in recognizing private chinese schools standards, prefering hiring teachers All the way from China to teach.
It seems like they declare urgent need in teachers, making a BIG turn by saying that this might help graduants from local private chinese school from jobless...DUH!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally i'm into the sea...

Well, why i put such a title is that, those who went to last year langkawi trip might found out that i'm actually acrophoebic(fear of height) and fear of the sea as well..BUT..this time, i told myself that i'm ready to fight against my weakness. When the morning boat brought us to the sea, i saw only turquoise span of ocean towards the horizon...heavenly splendid!!

We chose Pulau Mamutik,the smallest island of the 5 Tunku abdul Rahman Park. We're told by an authority that this island is deserted, untouched and we could fully enjoy true nature with its ideal site of corals. But.... i stil could see swarms of tourists...mostly koreans!!(An-nyong Ha-se-yo)...at least the crystal clear water caught my view.

Well,the most important thing to do for me in pulau is sun-bathing!
Ben had a wonderful time pulling and persuaying me into the water since he knows that i'm fear of. With the help of the chest float, Wi led me snokelling while Ben gave up half way....meanwhile Dung preferred laying on the beach, since he had a furuncle on his right knee.

This was really my 1st time experiencing coral reefs and school of fish swimming just beneath my tummy! amazingly..all my fear had gone!! I saw angel fish, sea cucumber and clown fish massaging itself at his own coral.

We also had a chance for a banana boat ride after getting a good RM20pax from a friend's friend.All the gals minta the abang to slow down the speed while the boys had another opinion on that..asking for more spin and speed and fall... at last...me and Dung fell off 1st..swallowing mouthful of salty water...burp.
By the time we return to the pulau, it's about time we had to leave and i couldn't manage to have another snokel.
Sun burn=1%,only forehead ma...(Ben got 1st degree burn on his 4 extremities, appearing like a flamingo)
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