Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pizza fiesta

Ham Delight de Kalinina


1. Pizza dough
2. toppings: ham
onions cut in ring shape
3. cheese of choice: Mozzarella and Gauda(recommended by a friendly Russian)


Seafood Extravagant

Seafood extravagant:
1. pizza dough
2. toppings: tuna+ mayo+ corn +sugar +salt+ pepper
crab stick
onions cut in ring shape
3. cheese: Mozzarella and Gauda

Check out the crispy crust!

satisfactory: 85% ( why it wasn't 100%, it's because we didn't make the 3rd chicken Hawaiian pizza due to переедание= surfeiting..ha ha)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

costly cylinder

Sterile container for biological specimen.Hell no, we have to pay 900 Rubles for a brand new product introduced lately. And of course the fees also including all lab and instrumental investigation..but don't you think 900rubles (approximately RM130) is a way too much?
Over the pass years, our annual Med-check up specimens were collected inside our self-prep container, for instance...matchbox, vitamins case, cigarette box, long as the specimen doesn't expose and cause public visual intimidation. ew.......!

costly costly month here it goes my $$$ to a red capped container....(note: could you spot a spatula inside it? well...u know what does it meant for..ahem..)
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