Sunday, April 27, 2008

roti jala

Our malaysian community here is very keen on the Sunday bola match organized by the bola fans, and partially the fame is being played by the malaysian food being sold during the day. Orders are taken few days prior to the match. And, one of my favorite is roti jala.But unfortunately, the girls were having practical test last week and decided to study and close orders.
So, i got the recipe from Teta and borrowed her acuan (crepe maker) which looks like a bronze spaceship which is preparing to take off...
This is the recipe if anyone is interested to try out. It's very easy!
1. 2 cups of plain flour
2. 2 cups of milk
3. one spoonful of butter
4. 2 eggs
5. a pinch of salt
you can replace the (2) with 1.5 cup of water + 1/2 cup of santan(coconut milk).

utensil: Non-stick frying pan and acuan or Lacy crepe maker

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and beat until well blended.
  2. Strain batter through a fine sieve to remove lumps. Set aside for 15 minutes.
  3. Lightly heat a non-stick frying pan.
  4. Grease lightly with oil and run the batter in a lacy pattern into the pan from the lacy crepe maker. Fold crepe whilst still in pan.Do this fast as it gets burn easily!!
  5. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
  6. Serve hot or cold with Chicken Curry. yum yum!
well... ShuYu, Danny,Tong and I tried out our 1st roti didn't go smooth at first few attempts....

The lacy pattern of the batter
(looks more like a berlubang-lubang pancake for me!)


well, the roti folded together...TOGETHER!

We thought that the consistency of the batter is too thick. So, ShuYu added a little bit of water to dilute it...wooolaaaah!
she's got the correct fomula!

The success grin from Danny!

Tong also got the chance to share the glory

Here you go....roti jala with chicken curry.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Doctor's slang

Here are some funny medical acronyms and doctor's slang i came across...

4F - Fair, fat, female and forty OR fat, flatulent female (both mean abdominal pain patient who is candidate for gall bladder disease)

Acades vulgaris - medical students.
Acute Lead Poisoning - Gunshot wound
Acute Hyponicotaemia - desperate for nicotine fix (cigarette)
Acute Pneumoencephalopathy - airhead
Adminisphere - where hospital managers work, reckoned to be "another planet"

AFU & BR - all f***ed up & beyond repair
AGA - Acute Gravity Attack (fell over)
AGMI - Ain't Gonna Make It (won't survive)
Amphoterrible - Amphotericin B, an antifungal medication with toxic side-effects
Angel lust - a male corpse with an erection (not uncommon). Is also sometimes used to mean death that occurred during intercourse.

Baby catcher - obstetrician

Babygram -x-raying (radiographing) a newborn
BBCS - Bumps, Bruises, Cuts and Scrapes (i.e. no serious injuries)
Banana - patient with jaundice
Benny - patient on benefit (welfare payments)
Betty - a patient with diabetes
Blade - Surgeon
Blinky the Fish - radiologist (The 3-eyed, mutant goldfish from The Simpsons is the mascot of many radiology depts).
Blood-Brain Barrier - surgical drapes
Blue Pipe - vein (as opposed to 'red pipe' or artery)
Boneheads - orthopaedics
Brothel Sprouts - Genital warts
Bugs in the rug - pubic lice
Butchers - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (also general derogatory term for surgeons)

C&T Ward - Coma ward - "cabbages and turnips"
Cabbage - heart bypass i.e. CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft)
Cabbage and tomato ward - Ward for comatose patients
Captain Kangaroo - chairman of a paediatrics department.
Chocolate Hostage - constipated
Chrome Induced Ischaemia - patient that develops inexplicable chest pains when arrested and handcuffed
Cock Doc- urologist
Crispy critter - severe burns case

D&D - Death and Donuts (night shift)
Dandruff on wheels - scabies or other transmissible flaky skin condition
Deep fry - cobalt therapy (radiation therapy)
Dement - Alzheimer patient
Digging for Worms - varicose vein surgery
DILF - Doctor I'd Like to F*** (Fornicate with): Nursing slang for good-looking doctor
Drop a Lung - when medical treatment causes a pneumothorax

Eating In - Intravenous feeding
ECU - Eternal Care Unit: heaven ("gone to the ECU = dead)
Ego Boost Units - med students/junior doctors that follow a doctor
EMS - Earn Money Sleeping (joke at expense of Emergency Medical Service)
Expensive care - intensive care

Garden - neurosurgical intensive care ward, so called because of the "vegetables" found there.
Gardening - attending to patients in neurological intensive care.
Genital hurties - genital herpes
Ghost - Derogatory term for med students; they are largely invisible, are absent during difficult situations, silent when asked for volunteers and stealthily evade hard work
GI Rounds - a meal (GI = gastrointestinal)
Grapes - haemorrhoids
Guessing tubes - stethoscope
Gutectomy - major gastro-intestinal surgery; also abdominal fat removal (such as liposuction)

Hallucinoma - a mass seen on a scan or x-ray that wasn't really there
Hepatology Conference - doctors meeting at a pub or bar (no late appointments, I'm going to a hepatology conference
Hi 5 - HIV positive ("V" being Roman for 5)

Inbreds - doctors whose parents are also doctors
Knuckledragger - Orthopedic Doctor/Surgeon

Lancelot - a medic who drains abscesses (called Pokemon in the USA)
LFTWM - Looking for 3 Wise Men (applied to young pregnant females who deny having had intercourse)
Leeches - those who take blood samples, e.g. lab techs
Lipstick Sign - if a female patient is well enough to put on, she is well enough to be discharged
Liver rounds - staff party, so called because of liver-damaging alcohol

M & Ms - mortality and morbidity conferences where medics discuss epidemics, mistakes and patient deaths
Meat hooks - surgical instruments.
Metabolic clinic - the tea room
MIDI - myocardial infarction during intercourse (heart attack during sex)
Milk of Amnesia - Propofol
Mini me - Trainee or medical student who copies their senior colleague too much but doesn’t say a lot (from Austin Powers films)
Molar masher - dentist

Neuron - Neurologist.
Negative Wallet Biopsy - (US) patient transferred to cheaper hospital because s/he has no insurance/funds

O sign - Patient unconscious with mouth open
OB/GYN - actually means Obstetric/Gynaecology, rumoured to mean "Oh Boy-Got You Naked"
OBE - Open Both Ends (known in UK as DNV - Diarrhoea and Vomiting)
Orthopod - orthopaedic doctor
Osteocephaly - boneheaded
Overpriced Carpenter - orthopaedic doctor

Pale face - child with leukaemia/severe anaemia.
Paws Up - dead
Pee Pee Docs - urology
Pediatron - paediatrician
Pillow positive - patients who are repeated admissions for prolonged periods with no physiological cause of their problems. It is joked they go to hospital with their own pillows ready for admission
Pink puffer - patient breathing rapidly due to lung disease
Pneumo-cephalic - airhead
Pre-stiff - terminally comatose patient.
PVC Challenge - To intubate someone.

Rear Admiral - proctologist
Rear Admiralty - proctology dept
Red dot - physicians from India, relates to red dot on their forehead
Red pipe - artery
Reeker - smelly patient

Saddles - Maternity sanitary towels (napkins), so called for their size and the bow-legged effect of wearing them
Scratch and sniff - gynaecological examination
Shadow gazer - radiologist
Silver Bracelet Award - patient is a prisoner brought in wearing cuffs
Silver Goose, Silver Stallion - proctoscope.
Slashers - general surgeons
Smurf Sign - patient blue or going blue
Snow - to accidently give a patient too much medication/mixed medication so they go into an altered state of consciousness ("Don't snow that patient with Drug X and Drug Y at the same time!)
Stage Mother - person accompanying patient and encouraging patient to exaggerate the complaint (often to obtain a particular diagnosis or to get an unnecessary prescription)
Stamp - skin graft
Sweet Milk/ Mother's Milk - Propofol; a reference to its milky appearance and pain-relieving use

TFTB - Too Fat To Breathe
Therapeutic Monitoring - monitoring a patient purely because it makes the doctor feel better.
Toaster - defibrillator
Torture Room - Intensive Care Unit (due to invasive tubes and monitors and experimental treatments).
Tough stick - patient whose veins are hard to find when drawing blood

UBI - Unexplained Beer Injury
UDI - Unidentified Drinking Injury
UFO - Unidentified Frozen Object: unidentified dead homeless person in the winter
Unclear medicine - nuclear medicine
Vampires - those who take blood samples, e.g. lab techs (also slang for blood donor service)
Vegetable garden - Coma ward
Very Close Veins - varicose veins
VIP - Very intoxicated person
Vitamin D – Diesel (ambulance term). "Give it some Vitamin D" means drive faster
Vitamin M – Morphine

Wallet Biopsy - free medical test performed by hospital insurance department before patient is treated similar test in private health sector
Weed Puller - Obstetrician
White Mice - tampons
Wig picker - therapist or psychologist

WOMBAT - Waste Of Money, Brains And Time

YOYO - You're on your own
Zorro belly - patient who has had multiple abdominal surgeries.
Trick cyclists - psychiatrists
TSS - Toxic Sock Syndrome (often related to homeless)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Secret on the way...phase II

Sorry guys, the picture i showed was too minute. Here i enclose a larger one and the link to the site.

Secret on the way...

Anyone here who can't resist cakes and cookies?
I myself who owns a sweet tooth, would frequently satisfy my taste bud at the secret recipe parlor near Auto city, approximately once a week when i go back for summer holiday. Since I'm here in bloody Russia, my gastronomy is missing its temptation! So, i browse the Secret Recipe web just to 画饼充饥to draw biscuit to satisfy one's hunger)...and guess what i found..
Secret recipe has its own online purchasing service! Don't believe? View this:

Tea leaves in fragrance

Earlier on i was impressed by Loccitane green tea with mint collection of fragrance. It has a mood transporting effect, bringing my spirit to the green field of fragrance laced with a scent of bitter orange, spear mint and cedar under the base of green tea.( But the overwhelming price just changed my mind in buying it.)

Then, i came across Elizabeth Arden's green tea fragrance collection.
After giving it a sniff test, me and Tong just loved it. Since the price is reasonable, Tong decided to give me as a present during his stay in Labuan, a tax free island in Sabah.(the bottle in light green in color)

The second bottle i had it 1 week ago( the one in the darker green in color, the Tropical version for the Green Tea collection,also by Elizabeth Arden).
I told Tong about the sale in Douglas in Ramstor and he was more excited then i was. When we reached the parfumerie, our eyes laid on this product, selling by the price of 730 rubles.
Eventually Tong bought it.
See how sweet the девочка( girl ) was. Those were the freebies i got !
Thank you Tong!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disturbed soul

A sketch i drew during psychiatry class.
defining naivety .

Later, my teacher showed us the art which were drawn by psychologically ill and psychiatric deranged patient, reflecting the their disrupted soul and disturbed mind.

This patient was diagnosed for Schizophrenia.
Hallucination.They hear voices, coming from distance or inside their head. Mostly commanding them or threatening to kill them. My schizophrenic patient told that he was being paid visits by some alienate being coming from no-where, commanding him to give them his land so that they could have a place to stay.

They have delusion, false believing in something which is not influenced by one's cultural context.

Catatonic behavior, in which the patient has rigid muscle tone, maintaining imposed posture and maybe unresponsive.

They have affective disorder( mood disorder), presented by ambivalence. The patient may have coexistence of both 2 opposite moods at the same time. They may hate and love at one place, at the same time, on the same object. Making people confused on them.

Disordered cognitive function. They have deficit in attention, memory, executive function.

Thought disorder. They are autistic, tend to have alienation of thoughts, overvaluing thoughts.

Will and behavior disorder. They are pessimistic, loss of will and abulia, slow in thinking, walking and moving which makes them look like a lazy person.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drifted off...

Well, some of us may experience a paralyzed state while waking up from a nap or sleep, unable to move, talk, difficult to breath, feeling some load on your body....i encountered this 3x here in Russia! After telling it to my fellow group mates, they taught me this malay term of "tindih".

The 1st and 2nd one happened last year during autumn. I'd never come across such experience. i was awaken from my sleep, and chould hardly see shuyu stil burning her midnight oil without my glasses on. Suddenly, i chould feel a pressure being loaded on my chest, making me difficulty in breathing. Thus, i tried to inspirate but i was paralysed. Every muscles were relaxed and they chouldn't move even though i tried to. I tried to get help from shuyu but it was hopeless. the only thing i chould do was blink, rolled my eyes and moved my fingers and toes. Attempts failed...i decided to continue my sleep instead of fighting for it. After having some thoughts on the myths that used to spread around during childhood, i uttered to tong and shuyu and some close friends on my encounter. I decided to seek the power of God. Now again the 3rd time, it happened again in the evening. It was oneiroidal, i barely chould see anything thing clearly, yet my mind was stil awoke. I tried to reach my hp, trying to call tong to pull me from my bed. My hand reached the table, exerting my force to bring myself forward. Dialled the number and all i chould did was giving short exclamation like "mmm..mmm..,". Tong didnt get my intention... Well, no worries, this thing would happen only shortly.

Here is the normal sleeping order of a healthy individual:

Types of sleep are devided by measuring the eyes movement during the period of sleep.

Each type has a distinct set of associated physiological, neurological and psychological features.

There are five phases of sleep: stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM (rapid eye movement). Usually when you are sleeping, you begin at stage 1 and go through each stage until reaching REM sleep, and then you begin the cycle again. Each complete sleep cycle takes from 90 to 110 minutes.

Stage 1

Light sleep.You can be easily woken up. Eye movement and body movements slow down. You may experience legs and muscle jerks. These are known as hypnic myoclonia or myoclonic jerks. This stage is sometimes referred to as somnolence, or "drowsy sleep". Muscle tonus drops , and conscious awareness of the external environment.

Stage 2

During this stage, muscular activity lowers and conscious awareness of the external environment disappears. This stage occupies 45 to 55% of total sleep.

Stage 3

This is the stage in which sleepingwalking,night terror, sleeptalking and night wetting occur. If you are woken up during this stage, you may feel groggy and disoriented for several minutes.

Stage 4

It is also very difficult to wake someone up. But if you are awaken during this phase, you won't feel satistied with your sleep.

REM Sleep – Rapid Eye Movement

Here where the dreaming occurs. The breath rate increased, irregular and shallow. The eyes will move rapidly and muscles become immobile. Heart rate and blood pressure increase.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entreé of spring

sakura at kim hostel
Cherry blossom( sakura), in China it symbolizes the feminine beauty, the feminine principle, or love . Whereas in Japan the cherry blossoms are believed to exemplify the transient nature of life, because of their short blooming times. They bloom en masse, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with mortality, which is the reason it becomes widely utilize in japanese art, music, drama, anime, manga, martial arts, for ambient effect.

Quick death of a beauty

The japanese belives that the soul of the deseased warrior reincarnates in the blossoms, which bring an aesthetic affect during WWII. The pilots would paint sakura on the sides of their plane before embarking for a kamikaze mission. They even brought along the sakura branches on plane. So, it brings the idea of the falling of the cherry petals resembles the sacrifice of youth, thus honoring the emporer.

Sakura taken on the 2nd day of the blossom

cherry blossom in Washington DC

Washington DC cherry blossom

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Have a good laugh

Pa Lah, Najib And Sami Vell 同坐直升機巡視。 Sami Vell 說:'如果我丟一千塊下去,撿到那一個人一定很高興。' Najib 說:'如果我丟兩張五百元下去,那就有兩個人很高興了。' Pa Lah 說:'如果我丟十張一百元下去,就有十個人很高興了。' 這個時候 .. 駕駛員喃喃自語地說:'何不把自己都丟下去,讓兩千一百萬人都高興呢'

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When the Roman strolled by

A stretched view from hilltop of Piazzale Michelangelo, a picturesque scenery of the panorama of Florence, the "Historic Centre of Florence" was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. To get to the hilltop, one should take a circular routes 12 and 13 go up there - the 12 goes the quickest way there, and the 13 is the quickest way back.

A dramatic sunset silhouettes the replica statue of David in the Piazzale Michelangelo

Palazzo Vecchio” is the town hall of Florence in the square called “Piazza della Signoria”. Inside “Palazzo Vecchio” there is a museum with a lot of works of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Giorgio Vasari.

Campanile di Giotto - Piazza Duomo, Florence. A classic Gothic architecture. It was built so that the town bells could be heard far and wide, to announce mass, celebrations or at times, to warn of impending danger. This is the fourth biggest church in Europe, after the “San Pietro in Vaticano” in Rome, “Saint Pauls” in London and the “Cathedral of Milan” (“Duomo di Milano”) in Milan.


At the heart of the city in Piazza della Signoria is Bartolomeo Ammanati's Fountain of Neptune, which is a masterpiece of marble sculpture at the terminus of a still functioning Roman aqueduct.

Copy of Michelangelo's David dominating Piazza della Signoria. (The real David is in the Galleria dell'Accademia. It's prohibited to bring camera inside)

View over the Arno river, the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) spanning across Arno river, built in 1345. The old bridge survived trough WWII, and is lined with shops, mainly gold and silversmiths, making this a popular shopping area( well, for the riches)

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Spanish color II

Mouth watering chocolate...melt in your mouth but not in your hands baby!

The amigos have the perfect color!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Spanish color

First of all i want to say that my 1st Euro backpacking trip went smooth without 'mouse's" guidance and it was totally a team spirit and enthusiasm.

Picturesque view taken from teleferic ride.(ps: my ride was full of fear and diaphoresis!)
For your curiosity, a teleferic looks like a funnel.
It cost us 10euro for a 15mins ride, from Montjuic- sant sebastian beach.
Well, at least the ride was worth it...
You can tell by the smile on my face....whew!
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