Friday, May 29, 2009

The Day When I'm Not a Student Anymore

Want to make this blog short and memorable cz this is the day when i finish my 6 years worth of medical study here in Volgograd State Medical University. 

Ben :' Такая жизнь вольше не бывает' ( this life doesn't happen..literally translated)

That was quite touching and big...*suddenly become emo..*

So, to give ourselves a little treat, we had lunch at Nero..

Ben a.k.a peanut with panini..was over the phone talking about serious a doctor

captured from the tram i took back "home"

I think this doesn't happen all the time after the you??

-The (official) end of a student life-

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally i update my blog

Argh..i can't cheat myself for not having a blog nor reading one..see..i doubt my own determination in being hiatus till exam is over..*damn*

On the final day of my OBGYN cycle, Proffesor Zarkin called for a tea as a credit for those who scrubbed in an endearing is he!

So, our friend Teta volunteered to make kuih seri muka..and to add more variety to our tea,  me and Teta picked one more tvarok cheese cake from a cafe for us instead of the real/expansive cheese cake. The Tvarok is ricotta cheese..or you may call it the cottagecheese.......the bottomline's C.H.E.A.P..(we are so poor)

This is the cheap/copycat cheese cake that i mentioned...and this is my groupmate for 6 years..~_~..*spoiler

This is Teta who makes scrumptious/ tasty/ delicacies...she does cook well too!!! *hint*

Prof. Zarkin chitchating about his junior life, war, conferences he had attended, and his experience in Malaysia!
And he lufs Malaysian cuisine and kuih too!! see....

Friday, May 15, 2009

God's creation

"scalpel please.."

"towels...more towels.."
"could you feel the engaging part?the fontanelle?"      
"yes i can..."
"could you hold the retractor for me?."

(you could hear the above conversation when a mother is about to deliver her newborn in OT..)OT= operative theatre.

when the surgeon made a semilunar incision on the lower part of the uterus..she ruptured the amniotic sac and the amniotic fluid gushed out.. in another second, the newborn was right before my eyes..disengaging the newborn was fast ...the little one is ready to see the world ... 

pre-op scrubs 

Disengaging the head 


The umbilical cord was cut in between 2 kocher clamps and the newborn was draped and brought to the neonatologist. Now came the longest and strenous part of the surgery. The delivary of the placenta and the thorough examination of the uterus were not pleasant..well..i wouldnt go into details here..hee..
Finally the surgery ended with the suturing of the uterus, aponeurosis, muscles and skin..layer by layer..

Even though i was just assisting in clearing the operative wasn't easy.I had to put 101% attention and give prompt aid when the surgeon signaled me.

Gotta make a quick end of my entry today....gotta prep for finals....sigh   =(

I would like to thank Keerthu in shooting me through out the surgery.Of course with permission from our professor. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

45days left!!

There are loads of things coming to my head recently and i want to rant  in one shot..
Realised that i just left merely 1.5months til my finals and 53days left to wave good-bye to Russia...*takes out napkin wipes off crocodile tears*..I'm more than happy to leave this place..*jumps in joy..jumps on trampoline*

I installed a deadline application into my I to remind me the datelines of the finals and my departure back home..neusosis isn't it?? and i pretty love the colors of the icons indicating the dates they are due.And they are sorted from overdue(red) to the future ones (green/blue)..

The whole weekend i stuck my eyes onto the monitor catching up MDG which i've missed.As my creative juices were gushing..i realised 2 things...

1. The blogging contest (which i'd mentioned about it in my previous entry) is closed..

2. My fav contestant Ming, was eliminated...='(     WHYYYYY??..........she's talented with her voice, with her fashion sense, her IT skills...she 's worth than leaving MDG i suppose..but afterall..this is a modeling contest..i shall end my case here..

just in case you guys want to witness the Grand finale, join them at The Curve on 15th May 09, at 7pm.

Then,I came across this contest by Corntoz, the freedom of expression by making your own TV commercial. The top prize is RM8,000 in cash!!!!! I'm sooo into contest, contest and contest,,as if i could win and get free cash like that.....
Only to realise that I'm not eligible to join the contest because how could i make a video without the product????!!!!wtf

I think i shall be in hiatus til my exam is over..less blogging..(in doubt)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

64th Victory in Volgograd

My very 1st and last excursion to the Mamaev Kurgan (Мамаев Курган) on Victory Day in Volgograd.I  asked Wi if he wants to join me to pay a visit to the Mamaev Kurgan as i want to capture some memorable moment during this big event. So, me and my mates met up at the middle pit of the hill.

I was really awed by the crowds visiting the World tallest sculpture as me n Nic had to squeeze our line among the people.

The 64th Victory Day. Red flags were put up to mark the blood shed during the bloodiest battle during WWII.

The Stature of The Motherland Calls..overlooking the hill, to the land of the Germans(by then the Nazis).

Boy with stature

I had to catch up with his pose.

Inside the memorial complex where we witnessed the changing of the guards( will upload the pictures once i get them)

Flowers were the symbol of respect and appreciation.

There was not many veterans left after the Battle of Stalingrad. 
A girl was giving out flowers to the veterans.

Pilgrims marched their way to pay their respects 

The morning was a scorch. We left the hill and had lunch before heading to the 2nd part of our journey..

Thursday, May 7, 2009


My mate was pretty contented with the wow factor from iphone.

My narcissism was overflowing..

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