Friday, May 15, 2009

God's creation

"scalpel please.."

"towels...more towels.."
"could you feel the engaging part?the fontanelle?"      
"yes i can..."
"could you hold the retractor for me?."

(you could hear the above conversation when a mother is about to deliver her newborn in OT..)OT= operative theatre.

when the surgeon made a semilunar incision on the lower part of the uterus..she ruptured the amniotic sac and the amniotic fluid gushed out.. in another second, the newborn was right before my eyes..disengaging the newborn was fast ...the little one is ready to see the world ... 

pre-op scrubs 

Disengaging the head 


The umbilical cord was cut in between 2 kocher clamps and the newborn was draped and brought to the neonatologist. Now came the longest and strenous part of the surgery. The delivary of the placenta and the thorough examination of the uterus were not pleasant..well..i wouldnt go into details here..hee..
Finally the surgery ended with the suturing of the uterus, aponeurosis, muscles and skin..layer by layer..

Even though i was just assisting in clearing the operative wasn't easy.I had to put 101% attention and give prompt aid when the surgeon signaled me.

Gotta make a quick end of my entry today....gotta prep for finals....sigh   =(

I would like to thank Keerthu in shooting me through out the surgery.Of course with permission from our professor. 


naboonies said...

Wow you went to assist in the surgery? Impressive! Must be nerve-wrecking right?

Anonymous said...

kewl.. i wanna scrub in too..

yeowhq said...

naboonie:i was sweating!!
aycl: it's totally an awesome experience!=)

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