Sunday, May 10, 2009

64th Victory in Volgograd

My very 1st and last excursion to the Mamaev Kurgan (Мамаев Курган) on Victory Day in Volgograd.I  asked Wi if he wants to join me to pay a visit to the Mamaev Kurgan as i want to capture some memorable moment during this big event. So, me and my mates met up at the middle pit of the hill.

I was really awed by the crowds visiting the World tallest sculpture as me n Nic had to squeeze our line among the people.

The 64th Victory Day. Red flags were put up to mark the blood shed during the bloodiest battle during WWII.

The Stature of The Motherland Calls..overlooking the hill, to the land of the Germans(by then the Nazis).

Boy with stature

I had to catch up with his pose.

Inside the memorial complex where we witnessed the changing of the guards( will upload the pictures once i get them)

Flowers were the symbol of respect and appreciation.

There was not many veterans left after the Battle of Stalingrad. 
A girl was giving out flowers to the veterans.

Pilgrims marched their way to pay their respects 

The morning was a scorch. We left the hill and had lunch before heading to the 2nd part of our journey..


naboonies said...

Hi Hui Quen! (is that how it's spelled? If no correct me pleeeez). thanks for the comments ye. I'd love to try that raw torn hem look one day haha.

Beautiful pictures you got here, too bad that day I only went to Pavshikh and Alleya Geroev only :P

And, we should exchange links yes? yes? yes?

chiiliyeow said...

me name= Hui Qian.

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