Friday, May 29, 2009

The Day When I'm Not a Student Anymore

Want to make this blog short and memorable cz this is the day when i finish my 6 years worth of medical study here in Volgograd State Medical University. 

Ben :' Такая жизнь вольше не бывает' ( this life doesn't happen..literally translated)

That was quite touching and big...*suddenly become emo..*

So, to give ourselves a little treat, we had lunch at Nero..

Ben a.k.a peanut with panini..was over the phone talking about serious a doctor

captured from the tram i took back "home"

I think this doesn't happen all the time after the you??

-The (official) end of a student life-


joethew said...

hey,jia you!good luck & all da best in finals!soon u'll be free & enjoy..;p

Anonymous said...

Good lucks for your GOS!!

yeowhq said...

Joethew: Thank you ..and good luck to you too!! *hugs*

yeowhq said...

aycl: spasibo! And you too!Good Luck for Monday!*Waves kamikaze flags to aycl*

naboonies said...

Our final days of a med student. I'm having mixed feelings here..

yeowhq said...

naboonies:perhaps the feelings will be gone after yr 1st paper,no?

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