Saturday, June 6, 2009

3 down,1+1 to go!

I guess today i shall ease off in between my exam period and let my impetus let up a little..

thinking back..

4 years of kindergarten

6 years of primary school

5 years of high school

1 year of preparatory

6 years of medical school
so far i've gone through 22 years of education..and one shouldn't bawl the stress and pain during education time cz it has mold you into a distinctive person you are today.

from this...

to this(?)


Dear diary,
After i finished the 1st paper on Therapy, Wi called for a study group to prep for surgery and OBGYN. agreed..

see how tall is our reference books..and i always have difficulty in finding notes from piles of books.

See the short practice in surgery by Bailey and Love's..can't imagine if it's in full practice..

HALLELUJAH! Surgery, Therapy,2 core subj plus 1 MCQ were down..

The Surgery disease textbook i read to prep and my sketch of the patient's case history during exam.

Excited post-exam Wi, which also reflect my own feelings that day.woooots!

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