Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had plastic surgery!

A.g.i.n.g. is morbid, women apply anti-aging/ wrinkle cream, eye balm, night locked-in serum, and hundreds of money spent on the products just to keep themselves as young, vibrant as possible, just to prolong the aging process, and myself included....

I've come across many advertisement from the magazine about cosmetic surgery. So, i've finance my procedure for as low as one could possibly believe and consulted the surgeon what i need..he recommended me rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, cheek enhancement..too much too much!!! so, i've decided to let him do what ever he please..

Before the surgery:
1.Wrinkled/puffy eyes
2.dusky skin
3. chubby/edematous cheek
4.thinned dusky lips
very fugly...not i pixelated the picture.

After a 3hour surgery:
1. VIBRANT skin
2. good bye puffy eyes
3. Luscious lips
4. contoured jaw

If you are can seek for my advise or consult the surgeon himself Here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I want them

I need a luxury for my eyes,something that can mask the rays and trendy enough to block my face even without make up on..

Bape has come out with this design,the pairs which one would wear when you get your eye test..

becoming Sherlock Holmes with ear-flapped cap..

Jam into parties and nightclubs with grilled retro and dance to the beats by Kanye West..

timeless aviator..

or perhaps Gaga like her with over-sized tint.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tormentingly annoyed

Excruciating ,
the magnitude,
compiling intense exertion of force,
with strenuous volt,
overwhelming the resistance of every tissues,

My tension headache..

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Skill

No Bunny laid eggs for my Easter

There are so many ways the Christians celebrate the Easter in different part of the world. There are differences in the way Western and the Eastern European Christians celebrate Easter.

The most obvious is they celebrate on different Sunday. There is something got to do with their calender..what Julian??Gregorian???...*tsk tsk*..
the Julian was invented in the 1st century during Julian Ceaser's time...and it is an old calendar which the Eastern Church is using now..(meaning-->Russia) ,and it's 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar(which the Western Church is employing). FYI, i googled all this...=)

Easter egg decoration is red, not the colorful ones they paint in the Western...Gee...I'm like making a big comparision here between East and
The red dye is chosen because it symbolizes the blood of Christ. Furthermore, people crack the eggs open using nails, in order to remind themselves again of the death of Christ

The Western hold Easter sunrise service, weareas The Eastern one last all through the Saturday night.

Russian people traditionally bake Easter cakes, known as "kulich," and make curd paskha.

I bought myself 2 kulich..with Milo Ais would be the best combo..

PS..Every places which celebrates Easter as their public holz has 2 weeks break..except for Russia...
my milo supply has finished...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


ET is resting..and hasn't decided to be a he or she...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Spring in Volgograd is playing a fool on me..the sunny-ness doesn't correspond to the daily weather. Never ever trust the there were many times i happily wore myself in just a piece of windbreaker and had to bear the chilling wind incising my skin..

I never complain being a medical student, and reading voluminous texts and lecture notes is still doable..but waking up early to travel miles of distance to class is something i disinclined to.

Class starts at 9am, let see, i need to avoid the closing of railway gate at 8am, i must be up at 6.40am then.=( If i were stuck at the railway gate, that would take me 10 min and traffic would be heavy then...sounds like a big city(kononnya...)

If i were late, i need to run a 500m marathon from the pit stop of the marshut i take, to the gate of the would be curious why this particular hospital is located in such a suburb area cz this aint any usual hospital, it's a place where suspicious pestiferious infectious disease that one could ever catch is confined from free zone, from the deadly hemorrhagic fever to diarrheoa and vomitting..

Morning marathon is tiring...

1,2,3,..get set.....this is the pit stop..

500m x 14days = 7km..(i presume being late everyday)

It gets asphyxiating dusty when any heavy metal passes by...

the cottages are picturesque to snap..

That's all for today..i'm making an abrupt stop here..

--have a nice day--

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Introducing ET

ET is an extraterrestrial, coming from a planet called KIMCHI(wtf) in the galaxy , where the stars are born. He's come a long way, battling the gravitational force of black holes with his small space saucer. He just landed....*kzzzzz* he needs length of sleep cz he can't afford a navigator to fly his saucer...

He is zombified when he takes seaweed ..turning him green..and with purpuric urticaria..

sometimes he forgets to remove his moustache before going to bed..*woops*

Easter BunBun

Happy Easter Everyone!
Let the Easter Bunny and the colorful eggs bring fertility!! =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you know?

Growing is about learning.We are living in an exponential century,so rapid that one wound't know much new information is coming out.People a
re trying to solve new problems that don't even exist yet..

Some of the skills we have learnt during childhood weren't taken seriously bcz they might not related nor beneficial to your work..But many pick up valuable skills from random hobbies which are contributional to their working environment..

Parents used to push me to tuitions on arts, piano, swimming, calligraphy, etc..sadly none of them has brought me any advantages now....and i wish they wil be handy at times

Used to do stage performance...and would love to
 watch some nice one during weekends...

.. write the Chinese rhythmic couplet during CNY..

learned sketch for 2 years..and didn't know the greatness and reputation of Michelangelo and Leornado Da Vinci til i visited Rome and Paris..

Bulleted List
Add ImageAdd ImageBulleted ListBulleted List
..used to dream to be a professional player...til i was smacked staight on my supraorbital by pap's stroke...*ouch*

Practise Yoga when i feel like doing it..

...and was in the Wushu for a year...*LOL*

But i can do only this...T___T

sometimes i need to learn them seriously..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late(Delay) post on CNY

Yep...the very last CNY event went off quite well..all the the chinese on Volg had made this event a success. Impressing!
Albeit my final CNY here..there were some 1st-time-try-outs which i had never pull off during the past ones.

1. on diet 7days prior to the event.=( out my abs 50times in the morning, 50 times before bedtime.
2. squeeze in my qi pao which i have brought here 2 years ago
3. carry a clutch that is as heavy as a brick
4.wear flesh color stockings (fugly)
5.put on super strong hair spray that i need to shampoo my hair twice.

and there were also some kudos:
lion dance that was super chio
deco was up to par
food was yummy

and my photo was published in our Uni press...*grin*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Invisible Shield for Iphone

It's almost invisible, cz it's transparent. It's weightless, cz its nano technology promise you an indestructible patent film that gives your Iphone a pristine look everyday..

It is only .2 millimeters thick making it the slimmest iPhone skin or iPhone cover of its kind. It is so tough that they even back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, they will replace it for free!!! COOOOLLLL!!! And if you ever need to remove the invisibleSHIELD, no problem; it comes off clean and leaves no sticky residue. I'm going to get it !! WHEEEEEE.....

tick tock tick tock

has very last spring should be cheerful,lively, energetic, but it seems to me i'm slacking...i think it's a rebound effect from my intense feeling of anxiety to the incoming events..exams, exams.This is not an usual exam, it's my very last one here as a medical student and my competency in practicing medicine is yet to be judged by my future clinical performance..

I was talking with a friend about Anxiety...and it is categorized into the primary ones and the medical causing and substance induced anxiety.

To diagnose anxiety: one has to fulfill 4 from the criteria below
Abdominal distress
Nausea, Numbness
Intense feeling of fear
Choking,chills, chest pain
Shaking, sob, sweating. (PANICCCSSS)

For the past few weeks i have been experiencing sleeping disturbance.I wake up at wee hours and try to sleep back..
my shoulder and neck pain is back it's more tensed than last winter..*sigh*
and i get irritated easily when someone just doesn't follow my course of system..which i dont agree with..(*toot* OFF).

I miss home...i have been counting the days ..
And it's torturing...*bbwwwaaahhhh*

..hang in there...just another 84 days..=)

sienz.......i miss pap,ma, adek, a fan, n him too..

taken on the way back from bowling at Europa...

sorry for the short post...nothing to write about...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl 2009

MalaysianI'm not a fan of Malaysian reality show, but this Season 2 Malaysiandreamgirl had caught my attention when nuffnang posted about it.. i can say so far this is the only malaysian reality show that i follow...not being hypocritical..but i really can't help critisicing pthis and pthat when making comparison with the American or European ones...*blek*

I started with the audition episodes which some confused girls had made some wacky impression..when the judges asked why they want to become MDG,some of them just failed to impress.".. just trying my luck?"..."i want to be famous?"...they seem so cincai (do something randomly or without thoughts) only in impressing the said she wanted to become a supermodel..and was tempak gaogao(forcefully, showing no mercy) ...*gasp*..she just had to try to be a model first before having her wildest dream...
But at least malaysian girls are not as bewildered as the angmos, they don't jump or cry when they were being rejected at the audition..that shows how modest we are...=) (if you don'd get me,go and watch the audition of american idol and i bet you can tell the difference)

Now there are only 7 girls left.
The following sequence are based on my own preferense on the girls..(based on how modelly they are but not on their is not the personality contest anyway...) and i wil be putting words and my comments on them..........anyhow this is my blog and i write and talk what ever i fans..if you find my words offensive and unpleasant..please leave bcoz i won't be responsible for your emotional distress and agony..

She stands out from the rest of the girls..has high potiential and a smile that irresistably sweeeet..she could even pull off the sexy side of her (sex sells fwat)..
I like her wearing casual and she could even draw my attention (i like guys..i'm straight FYI..) even without her makeups on..

Now here is a professional avant-garde high fashion model..stunningly awesome!

She takes great photos and her toned up body wows me..(I like girls with some muscles..hehe)

I think she is the most versatile girl among the contestants..

MIng...her feature very cina and authentic.vintage..dynastically an empress from the Ming dynasty.. (sorry relation ok)..I like her picture taken below at mugshot...clean, pure, fresh! love her slitty eyes (not being critical here) that really portray our Asian authenticity (which i'm proud of !!!!!)..and she proves us that petite body can also nail down in the fashion industry.

One of my favourtites which the contestants posed for Bella lifestyle photoshoot at the Royal Selangor Gallery.(Another one by wil see hers below)

See...even petite body can bring WOW effect!

FYI, Ming wears bracelets and did they photoshoped away her bracelets??This just makes her teeth look huge!! Not a good one...sigh..

Despite her drama with the girls..i stil like her bcz this is a model search show..not a popularity win-people's-heart show..
She has the best body proportion and her collar bones are her identity pose!!
Check this out! Sizzling clavicles that are prominent and pretty!!

This the Bella photo shoot which i was talking about...her legs are super slim and slender!!
She can be the spokewoman for Bella la....*wink*

There's a reason for me to like her...see for yourself..she's already a model herself.

Has a photogenic face too...not as versatile as Ming and Dawn i would say...maybe it's bcos of her cutiness that doesn't bring much diversity. She does well on the runway and that's why i put her as my 4th favourite.But she's not profound to me and easily forgettable..

....and her slender modelly body is a real package for the industry.

This is too commercial for she selling the kitchen decor? her outfit? I dont get the message from her honestly..

I couldn't recognize her while looking at this photo...But impressing!! i have hard times in putting the 5th,6th and the for me...i don't think they would win in this competition...

the next girl i would put is

I used to like her at the beginning of the episodes..but later on..her performance didn't go that well...she looks good in video but not in photoshoots..and her eyes are too exophtalmic that scare me..

They forgot to photoshop her dry wrinkled/cracked lips...*gasp*.Sorry for pointing this out...but this is a NO-NO for me.

she looks quite tensed here..


after her pixie look transformation..i still can't find any awesomeness from her
i just like one photoshoot from her..

very ganas looking here...*shivers*

now you realize that the photos are getting lesser and lesser from the contestants bcos it's hard for me to find any good ones...


Great broad smile but i don't think she has a model look. But i do like her character..Sadly,she doesn't fit in the fashion industry la...if she goes for Disney channel..i think the kids would like her..sorry girl..=(

Well peeps, you should go watch the recorded clip posted on their official site *here* and also their blogs...the dramas, cat fights, back stabbing, weepings and cryings, eyes rolling.....etc..
As for me,this is something that i can relate myself to Malaysia..and last but not least..i do hope one of my top 3 will win in this MDG!
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