Friday, April 17, 2009

No Bunny laid eggs for my Easter

There are so many ways the Christians celebrate the Easter in different part of the world. There are differences in the way Western and the Eastern European Christians celebrate Easter.

The most obvious is they celebrate on different Sunday. There is something got to do with their calender..what Julian??Gregorian???...*tsk tsk*..
the Julian was invented in the 1st century during Julian Ceaser's time...and it is an old calendar which the Eastern Church is using now..(meaning-->Russia) ,and it's 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar(which the Western Church is employing). FYI, i googled all this...=)

Easter egg decoration is red, not the colorful ones they paint in the Western...Gee...I'm like making a big comparision here between East and
The red dye is chosen because it symbolizes the blood of Christ. Furthermore, people crack the eggs open using nails, in order to remind themselves again of the death of Christ

The Western hold Easter sunrise service, weareas The Eastern one last all through the Saturday night.

Russian people traditionally bake Easter cakes, known as "kulich," and make curd paskha.

I bought myself 2 kulich..with Milo Ais would be the best combo..

PS..Every places which celebrates Easter as their public holz has 2 weeks break..except for Russia...
my milo supply has finished...

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