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Malaysian Dream Girl 2009

MalaysianI'm not a fan of Malaysian reality show, but this Season 2 Malaysiandreamgirl had caught my attention when nuffnang posted about it.. i can say so far this is the only malaysian reality show that i follow...not being hypocritical..but i really can't help critisicing pthis and pthat when making comparison with the American or European ones...*blek*

I started with the audition episodes which some confused girls had made some wacky impression..when the judges asked why they want to become MDG,some of them just failed to impress.".. just trying my luck?"..."i want to be famous?"...they seem so cincai (do something randomly or without thoughts) only in impressing the said she wanted to become a supermodel..and was tempak gaogao(forcefully, showing no mercy) ...*gasp*..she just had to try to be a model first before having her wildest dream...
But at least malaysian girls are not as bewildered as the angmos, they don't jump or cry when they were being rejected at the audition..that shows how modest we are...=) (if you don'd get me,go and watch the audition of american idol and i bet you can tell the difference)

Now there are only 7 girls left.
The following sequence are based on my own preferense on the girls..(based on how modelly they are but not on their is not the personality contest anyway...) and i wil be putting words and my comments on them..........anyhow this is my blog and i write and talk what ever i fans..if you find my words offensive and unpleasant..please leave bcoz i won't be responsible for your emotional distress and agony..

She stands out from the rest of the girls..has high potiential and a smile that irresistably sweeeet..she could even pull off the sexy side of her (sex sells fwat)..
I like her wearing casual and she could even draw my attention (i like guys..i'm straight FYI..) even without her makeups on..

Now here is a professional avant-garde high fashion model..stunningly awesome!

She takes great photos and her toned up body wows me..(I like girls with some muscles..hehe)

I think she is the most versatile girl among the contestants..

MIng...her feature very cina and authentic.vintage..dynastically an empress from the Ming dynasty.. (sorry relation ok)..I like her picture taken below at mugshot...clean, pure, fresh! love her slitty eyes (not being critical here) that really portray our Asian authenticity (which i'm proud of !!!!!)..and she proves us that petite body can also nail down in the fashion industry.

One of my favourtites which the contestants posed for Bella lifestyle photoshoot at the Royal Selangor Gallery.(Another one by wil see hers below)

See...even petite body can bring WOW effect!

FYI, Ming wears bracelets and did they photoshoped away her bracelets??This just makes her teeth look huge!! Not a good one...sigh..

Despite her drama with the girls..i stil like her bcz this is a model search show..not a popularity win-people's-heart show..
She has the best body proportion and her collar bones are her identity pose!!
Check this out! Sizzling clavicles that are prominent and pretty!!

This the Bella photo shoot which i was talking about...her legs are super slim and slender!!
She can be the spokewoman for Bella la....*wink*

There's a reason for me to like her...see for yourself..she's already a model herself.

Has a photogenic face too...not as versatile as Ming and Dawn i would say...maybe it's bcos of her cutiness that doesn't bring much diversity. She does well on the runway and that's why i put her as my 4th favourite.But she's not profound to me and easily forgettable..

....and her slender modelly body is a real package for the industry.

This is too commercial for she selling the kitchen decor? her outfit? I dont get the message from her honestly..

I couldn't recognize her while looking at this photo...But impressing!! i have hard times in putting the 5th,6th and the for me...i don't think they would win in this competition...

the next girl i would put is

I used to like her at the beginning of the episodes..but later on..her performance didn't go that well...she looks good in video but not in photoshoots..and her eyes are too exophtalmic that scare me..

They forgot to photoshop her dry wrinkled/cracked lips...*gasp*.Sorry for pointing this out...but this is a NO-NO for me.

she looks quite tensed here..


after her pixie look transformation..i still can't find any awesomeness from her
i just like one photoshoot from her..

very ganas looking here...*shivers*

now you realize that the photos are getting lesser and lesser from the contestants bcos it's hard for me to find any good ones...


Great broad smile but i don't think she has a model look. But i do like her character..Sadly,she doesn't fit in the fashion industry la...if she goes for Disney channel..i think the kids would like her..sorry girl..=(

Well peeps, you should go watch the recorded clip posted on their official site *here* and also their blogs...the dramas, cat fights, back stabbing, weepings and cryings, eyes rolling.....etc..
As for me,this is something that i can relate myself to Malaysia..and last but not least..i do hope one of my top 3 will win in this MDG!

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the non-makeup girl is her "ugly twin" ?

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