Monday, March 30, 2009

My language just cracked up

This is damn embarrassing/funny weeeeey.....=_=' ...

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My New Baby..slender,slim, exotic,black..he slides smoothly over my flawless palm...leaving no trace but warm vapor from my glands..juicy!

It glows and reflects any light that falls onto the metalliferous apple

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I was idle for sometime i was simply slacking and thought about closing my blog. TCS said i should keep it cause i never know i would blog again..well..i guess i will keep it =) Recently I'm into the ambient and trip hop genre..which i find the arrangement of the music is clean cut and surreally aesthetic..that's how i listen to music,not to crack my head with heavy bass and blast.. Sigur Ros, and Icelandic group which is known for their ethereal sound and minimal instrumental component. i was introduced by TCS for their foremost gibberish and delicate Von,meaning hope. Such enigmatic piece simply just fascinating..

Von 1997

  1. Sigur Rós [9:46 mins]
  2. Dögun [5:50 mins]
  3. Hún jörð [7:17 mins]
  4. Leit að lífi [2:33 mins]
  5. Myrkur [6:14 mins]
  6. 18 sekúndur fyrir sólarupprás [0:18 mins]
  7. Hafssól [12:24 mins]
  8. Veröld nýl óg óð [3:29 mins]
  9. Von [5:12 mins]
  10. Mistur [2:16]
  11. Syndir guðs (Opinberun frelsarans) [7:40 mins]
  12. Rukrym [8:59 mins]
Some of my personal favourites are Takk and Hoppipolla, both from the album


Morcheeba, a british band which mixes trip hop,jazz,blue and pop. Their music is experimental, down tempo and moody feeling.Another laid back beat.
Dive deep 2008

  1. "Enjoy the Ride" (feat. Judie Tzuke) – 4:04
  2. "Riverbed" (feat. Thomas Dybdahl) – 5:24
  3. "Thumbnails" – 2:35
  4. "Run Honey Run" (feat. Bradley) – 3:44
  5. "Gained the World" (feat. Manda) – 2:56
  6. "One Love Karma" (feat. Cool Calm Pete) – 3:32
  7. "Au-delà" (feat. Manda) – 2:15
  8. "Blue Chair" (feat. Judie Tzuke) – 4:07
  9. "Sleep on It" (feat. Thomas Dybdahl) – 5:34
  10. "The Ledge Beyond the Edge" – 2:03
  11. "Washed Away" (feat. Thomas Dybdahl) – 4:23

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