Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had plastic surgery!

A.g.i.n.g. is morbid, women apply anti-aging/ wrinkle cream, eye balm, night locked-in serum, and hundreds of money spent on the products just to keep themselves as young, vibrant as possible, just to prolong the aging process, and myself included....

I've come across many advertisement from the magazine about cosmetic surgery. So, i've finance my procedure for as low as one could possibly believe and consulted the surgeon what i need..he recommended me rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, cheek enhancement..too much too much!!! so, i've decided to let him do what ever he please..

Before the surgery:
1.Wrinkled/puffy eyes
2.dusky skin
3. chubby/edematous cheek
4.thinned dusky lips
very fugly...not i pixelated the picture.

After a 3hour surgery:
1. VIBRANT skin
2. good bye puffy eyes
3. Luscious lips
4. contoured jaw

If you are can seek for my advise or consult the surgeon himself Here.

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