Monday, April 13, 2009


Spring in Volgograd is playing a fool on me..the sunny-ness doesn't correspond to the daily weather. Never ever trust the there were many times i happily wore myself in just a piece of windbreaker and had to bear the chilling wind incising my skin..

I never complain being a medical student, and reading voluminous texts and lecture notes is still doable..but waking up early to travel miles of distance to class is something i disinclined to.

Class starts at 9am, let see, i need to avoid the closing of railway gate at 8am, i must be up at 6.40am then.=( If i were stuck at the railway gate, that would take me 10 min and traffic would be heavy then...sounds like a big city(kononnya...)

If i were late, i need to run a 500m marathon from the pit stop of the marshut i take, to the gate of the would be curious why this particular hospital is located in such a suburb area cz this aint any usual hospital, it's a place where suspicious pestiferious infectious disease that one could ever catch is confined from free zone, from the deadly hemorrhagic fever to diarrheoa and vomitting..

Morning marathon is tiring...

1,2,3,..get set.....this is the pit stop..

500m x 14days = 7km..(i presume being late everyday)

It gets asphyxiating dusty when any heavy metal passes by...

the cottages are picturesque to snap..

That's all for today..i'm making an abrupt stop here..

--have a nice day--

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