Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late(Delay) post on CNY

Yep...the very last CNY event went off quite well..all the the chinese on Volg had made this event a success. Impressing!
Albeit my final CNY here..there were some 1st-time-try-outs which i had never pull off during the past ones.

1. on diet 7days prior to the event.=(
2.work out my abs 50times in the morning, 50 times before bedtime.
2. squeeze in my qi pao which i have brought here 2 years ago
3. carry a clutch that is as heavy as a brick
4.wear flesh color stockings (fugly)
5.put on super strong hair spray that i need to shampoo my hair twice.

and there were also some kudos:
lion dance that was super chio
deco was up to par
food was yummy

and my photo was published in our Uni press...*grin*


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