Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did you know?

Growing is about learning.We are living in an exponential century,so rapid that one wound't know much new information is coming out.People a
re trying to solve new problems that don't even exist yet..

Some of the skills we have learnt during childhood weren't taken seriously bcz they might not related nor beneficial to your work..But many pick up valuable skills from random hobbies which are contributional to their working environment..

Parents used to push me to tuitions on arts, piano, swimming, calligraphy, etc..sadly none of them has brought me any advantages now....and i wish they wil be handy at times

Used to do stage performance...and would love to
 watch some nice one during weekends...

.. write the Chinese rhythmic couplet during CNY..

learned sketch for 2 years..and didn't know the greatness and reputation of Michelangelo and Leornado Da Vinci til i visited Rome and Paris..

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..used to dream to be a professional player...til i was smacked staight on my supraorbital by pap's stroke...*ouch*

Practise Yoga when i feel like doing it..

...and was in the Wushu for a year...*LOL*

But i can do only this...T___T

sometimes i need to learn them seriously..

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