Tuesday, June 30, 2009

countdown day3

Still got 3 more days to catch my home coming flight back to Malaysia.
Packed my stuffs, put them accordingly, put names on them who are helping we to carry back home cz i'm not sending cargo.And, i got back 3500 rubles deposit..wheeeee!!

i have been posting past entries as i'm busy and have no internet access now at home. Just sold out the computer.So, practically i'm a parasite now, sucking Ben's wifi to the max..fully utilising the internet.

Most of you might think that after grad, we'll be very free ,no it is not.
Yesterday,took my cert transcript and passed it to Ben (aka peanut).Then, dropped by his house and helped him to arrange all 66 Malaysian MD's transcripts.Now i realise how hard is the job for an office lady or the office boy..still need brain to think to figure out the easiest and most efficient way for the most productive result.

stacked up the certificates (hard covered), arranged the translated certs in alphabetical orders, sliped them into the hard covered cert. Then the transcripts were put in the same fashion like just now.


snapshots while waiting for Peanut

Notory where Peanut collected the translated certs from
Sendirian berhad Wi-Ben

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Chili Crab said...

Congratz for grad!!!

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