Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i had a tough day..sitting and staring with my sepet eyes in front of the monitor was weary, but when the product came out a piece of shit, that was insanely a total challenge to my utmost forbearing..

I'm responsible in making the slide shows for my convocation on 26th of June. This is not my 1st time making the slide show as i had been helping out twice for the past events. The slide show is about brief intro about the respective countries of the graduands and each part of the intro is around 15-20 pictures length of time. Last year i did for 23 countries, meaning 23 x 15(20)=345(460) pictures.

This year is a rather relief for me, just 19 countries.I want to make it better this time as I'm the graduand myself..As i still keep the folder of the pictures i used, they would prolly save me big time.

Here is the big bummer, the graduands prefer to use their own pictures provided by themselves. Ok, I'm not trying to be bossy around here, but the procrastinating and the delay had sucked up my time, handling me the disc and CD in short notice whilst my deadline is in 2-3days. *sigh*

plus, the pictures they gave me were microscopically tiny! I had to search for them all over again...

Everthing was smooth till when the pictures load is getting bigger and bigger, the window movie maker which i use to create the slideshow..started to wear off...imagine, a 5 seconds of show needed 20 minutes to gao dim..that's really dyspnoeic!

So, i had to restore the situation by making them parts by parts and join them into one complete clip.
Clip one came out, played when finished saving...jeng jeng jeng.....black out the half way when it reached Indonesia! *stoned**stunned**aphasic*

breath in slowly.....inhale..exhale...

modified clip1 done....


~8-9pm...Theneesh called me(our student rep), telling me that Mr Azerbaijan is actually Mr Armenian..*ga ga ga....*


removed Mr Azerbaijan..searched again the pictures for Mr Identity-crisis.

Clip one re-modified done.Did Clip 2 and 3 and so on and combined all 4 of them...D.O.N.E

update you with Spasov,our vice rector's opinion on my clip in my next entry.....


wicrap said...

breath in breath out. anti-nuclear.

*talking with muscle pain post-cargo-labouring*

aycl said...

kesian... lols

yeowhq said...

Wicrap: anti slavery!!!

aycl: lols??? *puts aycl's face on the punching bag and hits it hard like Bruce Lee*

Gallivanter said...

Was this written in English? :-P

yeowhq said...

Gallivanter: what makes you think it wasn't??+_+'

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