Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My graduation hindsights (School of 2009)

We all have waited long, for this day to come, when the tension and excitement clashed, salad feelings. When this is the last day of your education life, what would you think of yourself later?Speaking to you today marks a milestone in my life, i'm now 24 years old, and this shall be the 1st one.

It wasn't initially my choice for making this far until my dad signed me in with Russian Resources while i was attending my HSC( Aussie Higher School Certificate) in one of the leading college. After saying good-bye to my friends who i just bonded with, i shifted my stuffs from the college hostel and moved to a room where i would stay during my preparatory course designed by RR. There, i met people who i live with till in Volgograd.

Russia welcomed me

Dad's handwriting..he even filled the form beforehand.

Admission letter from Volgograd State Medical Academy by then.Oh yeah, initially i was enrolled in Nizhny Novgorod. Then some twist of luck, i got someone to exchange admission with me.

I would say this very small city of Volgograd has grown much. From a very remote (in the sense of time, space, connection with the outer world) deserted town into a rather now-tourist-friendly one. There are too much to spell out here, i would rather put this aside and write about my hindsight.

I was raised from a very oriental family, where scores and performances in classes are the main interest and expectation from parents and relatives. The stereotype of getting good grades equivalent to enrolling in medicine stil banally embraced in most Asian family. I would say, i myself is one of the example.But i never regret in muster in this field.(No offense here dad, if you are you)

This would be the hardest and tedious lesson of all to learn. People would set happiness as their goal of life and would work their ass off just to get the fleeting predictable feel. Take my word for it, you find happiness when you get your car, condo, materials that satisfy your mortal greed tru hard work and sacrifice. Joy, by contrast, is unpredictable and it comes from pursuing interests and passions that do not obviously result in happiness. I find joy during the progress of this education, thus not an event cz education in medicine is a never ending progress...and if you see medicine would make you rich in coming, I'm very sorry for you stil need to learn this lesson..

I would never think that today is the day i get a greencard for freedom.nah! It's totally another way round. It's a stepping stone to work the rest of your lives, so don't be too happy to start. Stretching out academic life and enjoy it before time of sucking your lungs and get a mortgage, kids and car, house payments, and last but not least, a lifetime of servitude to bozos. Your beloved ones worked very hard to get you to this point. So, don't deprive them.

Don't rush. Be patient and passionate.

Lemme bring you a tour around my exam hall..

The very most respected surgeon Prof. Zubinha, Prof. Babaeva, and the sacred school of most committed professors.(from left - right)

The announcement of accreditation

Pictures with some significantly merited.

I'm looking forward to 26th June 2009.


Anonymous said...

ahem*Clearin'throat*Congrats Dr.Yeow!!^^
Happy & proud of u!*hugs*

yeowhq said...

Joe: Thank you*taking a 90 degrees bow*

naboonies said...

Ohh the memories! I'm shaking....not tear upp... lol!

yeowhq said...

naboonies: i'm tearing already..*sob sob*

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