Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally i update my blog

Argh..i can't cheat myself for not having a blog nor reading one..see..i doubt my own determination in being hiatus till exam is over..*damn*

On the final day of my OBGYN cycle, Proffesor Zarkin called for a tea as a credit for those who scrubbed in an endearing is he!

So, our friend Teta volunteered to make kuih seri muka..and to add more variety to our tea,  me and Teta picked one more tvarok cheese cake from a cafe for us instead of the real/expansive cheese cake. The Tvarok is ricotta cheese..or you may call it the cottagecheese.......the bottomline's C.H.E.A.P..(we are so poor)

This is the cheap/copycat cheese cake that i mentioned...and this is my groupmate for 6 years..~_~..*spoiler

This is Teta who makes scrumptious/ tasty/ delicacies...she does cook well too!!! *hint*

Prof. Zarkin chitchating about his junior life, war, conferences he had attended, and his experience in Malaysia!
And he lufs Malaysian cuisine and kuih too!! see....

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