Monday, May 11, 2009

45days left!!

There are loads of things coming to my head recently and i want to rant  in one shot..
Realised that i just left merely 1.5months til my finals and 53days left to wave good-bye to Russia...*takes out napkin wipes off crocodile tears*..I'm more than happy to leave this place..*jumps in joy..jumps on trampoline*

I installed a deadline application into my I to remind me the datelines of the finals and my departure back home..neusosis isn't it?? and i pretty love the colors of the icons indicating the dates they are due.And they are sorted from overdue(red) to the future ones (green/blue)..

The whole weekend i stuck my eyes onto the monitor catching up MDG which i've missed.As my creative juices were gushing..i realised 2 things...

1. The blogging contest (which i'd mentioned about it in my previous entry) is closed..

2. My fav contestant Ming, was eliminated...='(     WHYYYYY??..........she's talented with her voice, with her fashion sense, her IT skills...she 's worth than leaving MDG i suppose..but afterall..this is a modeling contest..i shall end my case here..

just in case you guys want to witness the Grand finale, join them at The Curve on 15th May 09, at 7pm.

Then,I came across this contest by Corntoz, the freedom of expression by making your own TV commercial. The top prize is RM8,000 in cash!!!!! I'm sooo into contest, contest and contest,,as if i could win and get free cash like that.....
Only to realise that I'm not eligible to join the contest because how could i make a video without the product????!!!!wtf

I think i shall be in hiatus til my exam is over..less blogging..(in doubt)

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Anonymous said...

MDG?!! ewww...

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