Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tea leaves in fragrance

Earlier on i was impressed by Loccitane green tea with mint collection of fragrance. It has a mood transporting effect, bringing my spirit to the green field of fragrance laced with a scent of bitter orange, spear mint and cedar under the base of green tea.( But the overwhelming price just changed my mind in buying it.)

Then, i came across Elizabeth Arden's green tea fragrance collection.
After giving it a sniff test, me and Tong just loved it. Since the price is reasonable, Tong decided to give me as a present during his stay in Labuan, a tax free island in Sabah.(the bottle in light green in color)

The second bottle i had it 1 week ago( the one in the darker green in color, the Tropical version for the Green Tea collection,also by Elizabeth Arden).
I told Tong about the sale in Douglas in Ramstor and he was more excited then i was. When we reached the parfumerie, our eyes laid on this product, selling by the price of 730 rubles.
Eventually Tong bought it.
See how sweet the девочка( girl ) was. Those were the freebies i got !
Thank you Tong!


Anonymous said...

for guys one ah?? nice or not??

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Niceeeeeee!! I use E.Arden's Green Tea too, excellent for the weather now *grins*.

Hahahahahaaa the word verification for this post is "kkncib" :P

chiiliyeow said...

peanut: sorry for not noting that ..ahem....for girls .

chiiliyeow said...

gorgeous ol'eve:define kkncib?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Errr.. kan ni nia chao chi bai? LOL

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