Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drifted off...

Well, some of us may experience a paralyzed state while waking up from a nap or sleep, unable to move, talk, difficult to breath, feeling some load on your body....i encountered this 3x here in Russia! After telling it to my fellow group mates, they taught me this malay term of "tindih".

The 1st and 2nd one happened last year during autumn. I'd never come across such experience. i was awaken from my sleep, and chould hardly see shuyu stil burning her midnight oil without my glasses on. Suddenly, i chould feel a pressure being loaded on my chest, making me difficulty in breathing. Thus, i tried to inspirate but i was paralysed. Every muscles were relaxed and they chouldn't move even though i tried to. I tried to get help from shuyu but it was hopeless. the only thing i chould do was blink, rolled my eyes and moved my fingers and toes. Attempts failed...i decided to continue my sleep instead of fighting for it. After having some thoughts on the myths that used to spread around during childhood, i uttered to tong and shuyu and some close friends on my encounter. I decided to seek the power of God. Now again the 3rd time, it happened again in the evening. It was oneiroidal, i barely chould see anything thing clearly, yet my mind was stil awoke. I tried to reach my hp, trying to call tong to pull me from my bed. My hand reached the table, exerting my force to bring myself forward. Dialled the number and all i chould did was giving short exclamation like "mmm..mmm..,". Tong didnt get my intention... Well, no worries, this thing would happen only shortly.

Here is the normal sleeping order of a healthy individual:

Types of sleep are devided by measuring the eyes movement during the period of sleep.

Each type has a distinct set of associated physiological, neurological and psychological features.

There are five phases of sleep: stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM (rapid eye movement). Usually when you are sleeping, you begin at stage 1 and go through each stage until reaching REM sleep, and then you begin the cycle again. Each complete sleep cycle takes from 90 to 110 minutes.

Stage 1

Light sleep.You can be easily woken up. Eye movement and body movements slow down. You may experience legs and muscle jerks. These are known as hypnic myoclonia or myoclonic jerks. This stage is sometimes referred to as somnolence, or "drowsy sleep". Muscle tonus drops , and conscious awareness of the external environment.

Stage 2

During this stage, muscular activity lowers and conscious awareness of the external environment disappears. This stage occupies 45 to 55% of total sleep.

Stage 3

This is the stage in which sleepingwalking,night terror, sleeptalking and night wetting occur. If you are woken up during this stage, you may feel groggy and disoriented for several minutes.

Stage 4

It is also very difficult to wake someone up. But if you are awaken during this phase, you won't feel satistied with your sleep.

REM Sleep – Rapid Eye Movement

Here where the dreaming occurs. The breath rate increased, irregular and shallow. The eyes will move rapidly and muscles become immobile. Heart rate and blood pressure increase.

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Anonymous said...

It is called sleep paralysis.. you can visit this site to see what the specialist says about this.. read this long time ago in MMR..

so next time no need to scare yourself. and the tindih theory is definitely a human mind trying to explain a physiology process.

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