Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disturbed soul

A sketch i drew during psychiatry class.
defining naivety .

Later, my teacher showed us the art which were drawn by psychologically ill and psychiatric deranged patient, reflecting the their disrupted soul and disturbed mind.

This patient was diagnosed for Schizophrenia.
Hallucination.They hear voices, coming from distance or inside their head. Mostly commanding them or threatening to kill them. My schizophrenic patient told that he was being paid visits by some alienate being coming from no-where, commanding him to give them his land so that they could have a place to stay.

They have delusion, false believing in something which is not influenced by one's cultural context.

Catatonic behavior, in which the patient has rigid muscle tone, maintaining imposed posture and maybe unresponsive.

They have affective disorder( mood disorder), presented by ambivalence. The patient may have coexistence of both 2 opposite moods at the same time. They may hate and love at one place, at the same time, on the same object. Making people confused on them.

Disordered cognitive function. They have deficit in attention, memory, executive function.

Thought disorder. They are autistic, tend to have alienation of thoughts, overvaluing thoughts.

Will and behavior disorder. They are pessimistic, loss of will and abulia, slow in thinking, walking and moving which makes them look like a lazy person.


Anonymous said...

eh.. cool.. u managed to take those pictures...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

I'm sure to say these Schizo patients are scary but interesting too. We had an old lady patient once, our doctor gave her some tests. Check it out :)

W1 said...

i m having abulia now..

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