Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips for budget travellars Part II


If you are a breaky person, the breakfast served at the hostels are convenient enough and time sparing. *tips! you can carry away some finger foods just in case for your long run at outdoors*

Try to be friendly with the local people and you will get travel tips for cheap stuff everywhere. Talk with people about the country and get some cheap travel tips about the place.

While flying a low cost air, usually the destination of the airport is far away from city center.Do research on the airport and if you are planning to put a night at the airport, not every airport operates 24 hours/day.This happened to me while i was in Paris, and me and my friends had to come out with a back up plan to find a place to crash.
I'd blogged about sleeping in airport here. Bare in mind, it's always handy to carry along:
water tumble, vacuum flask,universal socket,facial towel, eye patch, a novel(for book lovers), socks(in case during winter, airport is cold!) and gadgets and some medicines.

If you are traveling during winter, don't forget to keep track on the flight info board cz flight delay and cancellation is a common scenario.

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