Tuesday, August 18, 2009

snatch thief

Malaysia has been replete with crime and violence!!Public security is deteriorating, and measures should be taken to curb crimes and to restore distrust of the police.

This what I've learnt from a very recent incident that had caused me enough pain. I got down from the driver's seat and walked along the left side of the road with my handbag on my right,while i was about to near the pedestrian on the left, i felt a hand sliding over my handbag and the next second i was on the ground, with my lateral right landing the ground first. He attacked me from my back, on a bike.The bag was with me, I didnt let it go unintentionally, it was pulled down by gravity with my falling momentum grasping the bag away off his hand.If i have a heavier mass, i sure had pulled him off the bike. I was dragged on the road for a few seconds until he let go, causing me damages on my elbows and knees..


I was fortunate enough that the snatch thief was prowling solo, if not..i wouldn't have been this lucky...
Sigh,need to do dressing and withstand the pain on my skin that has never been damaged throughout my life..


lixin eow said...

OMG!!!!! I always hear this kind of news but it happened to you! God bless you are alright (except suffering light injuries)... Gal, it's Malaysia... a developed country that has social security worst than a third world... please be careful (paranoia is kinda necessary while you're walking alone on the road, always look around before you come out or getting in the car) and take good care!

yeowhq said...

i need to be paranoid on the road,hmm...i think not only on the road but anywhere as well..
Do you blog Lixin??

bingwui said...

eh.. never put the bag on the right when u walk on the left leh...

u never meet mat rempit yet.. 20 ppl hit some fella until they coma just to grab their things also got..

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