Monday, July 27, 2009

Lomography - Smena Symbol

Authentic, vintage piece of plastic.
The word "Smena" (Cmeha) is roughly translated into "Young Generation" in English.
It's manually operated, designed to be accessible to public and the price is inexpensive.

*Interesting fact: among those ranks of Smena enthusiasts is included Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy. Following an FBI raid on his residence, a Smena-2 was found among his possessions. As fear of Communism and conspiracy theories abounded, this Soviet camera caused quite a controversy at the time. Is there a connection? (taken from


1. Triplet 43 / 40mm, f/4
An excellent high-contrast glass lens. Consisting of three separate elements and an anti-glare coating, it yields exceptionally sharp images and deep, punchy colors. Created by the same Leningrad engineering team that designed our beloved Lomo LC-A Minitar lens.

2. Manually Variable Shutter Speed
A steel shutter ring cycles between the following speeds
Full Sun - 1/250 second
Partial (striped) Sun - 1/125 second
Partial (striped) Cloud - 1/60 second
Full Cloud - 1/30 second
Rain Cloud - 1/15 second
(note, this is just a guide to the light condition - don't use Smena in the rain!)
No icon - "B" setting
(this keeps the shutter open for as long as you keep the Shutter Release pressed). For extra icing on your Smena cake, each shutter speed is matched with a charming weather icon.

3. Manually Variable Aperture

Manual aperture controls enable you to select the size of your lens diaphragm opening, across the possible f-stops of f/4 (greatest possible aperture, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, and f/16 (smallest possible aperture). The greater the aperture, the more light is admitted through the lens. The smaller the aperture, the greater the possible depth of field (total amount of your image in focus).

4. Faux-Leather Carry Case
Carried around your neck or over your shoulder, this carry case keeps Smena protected and available. A bottom screw allows you to shoot right out of the case, just flip the top down and F-I-R-E. The pebble grain exterior gives you the fine feel of leather, while keeping our cow friends alive to frolic through the pastures.

5. Exposure counter
keeping track on your shoot.

Enjoy Lomo~


skeletor said...

wah old school habis ya this camera

bingwui said...

so how's the pictures? developed d? i'm thinking about shooting another roll on my zenit pula.

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