Saturday, July 4, 2009


Finally, 20:55, 4th July 2009, I touched Malaysian ground, i tasted Penang food.
So long Russia.

My 2 brothers reached home 2 hours earlier than me, one from Singapore, the other one from Perth.They met at LCCT and took the same flight to Penang. Well, i may say that this is my first time having family reunion ever since i left for Russia. My Pa and Ma were remarkably happy when they saw 3 of us, their grins just mingled with their wrinkles, which was awfully sweet. And Pa has a cool hair cut, whilst Ma's is so hip-hop.

i had a small trouble at the airport.I came home without my belongings. They are now at God-knows-where. I made a report to the lost and found counter and the pakcik ensures me that according to his experience, my lugggage is most probably in Bangkok where i made my transit bcz there were 2 unclaimed luggages at the arrival hall.I just hope noone switched luggage with there are Ruski reference books which money cannot replace with. I would just wait for their call, prolly tomorrow they can give me a respond.

Pa drove us to taste Penang delights, but i just lose the appetite to crave. Might be due to my 53 hours long run...and practically i was exhausted from travelling almost half of the globe just to reach home.


The 20 mins home-coming ride was joyous, blithe, lighthearted with teasing and jokes.

3 of us dumped all our luggages and bags at one corner, ravaging ma's dining room.


Internet.internet.internet.The ever 1st come priority.


Souvenir from Russia.


Souvenir from Brussels.



They were gone in 15mins.


YULI said...


bingwui said...

yea when i got home i dun really have mood to eat also..

eh eh.. suddenly think that.. wah.. nowadays we gotta talk like tat by leaving blog comments lah! no more face to face! same goes for me and wi.. LOL.. abit tak biasa.

yeowhq said...

bingwui:memang tak biasa....sob

yeowhq said...

YULI: thanks for dropping by!

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