Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reincarnate from chocolaty heaven!

Craving cakes make me indulge into heaven..atonia for awhile and reincarnate.

Today i just had a ride to heaven..

I took the recipe from a friend of mine, thinking of making my own home-made choc-moist steam cake. Had the recipe but we had trouble in finding the ingredients from a single supermarket.Eventually we had to run into 2 different places to get the ingredients. Russians do have their own way of cultivating their boring lifestyle and we have to put them together by running here and there. Is finding enjoyment that hard here in Russia? Please prove me wrong if you could..well never mind,it is my final year here and I'd like to make my year as happening and meaningful as possible...(with my coolest and best friends a.k.a housmies) would be proud of

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