Thursday, October 16, 2008

How well you know about a woman?

Lingerie always give the idea of erotica. Actually the meaning of it is wider and covers variety of undergarments. The French applies the word lingerie to all undergarments for both genders.
Now, people designate lingerie to a narrower or i may say a more specific view, in which the undergarments are visually appealing and erotic.
Women select lingerie for 3 purposes: shaping, hygiene and modesty. The body shaping is altered by corsets, bras and girdles. And the makers assures that we got the intimate apparel which consists of brassieres, thongs, panties, bustiers, daywear.
As for bras, they are not just only an undergarment supporting the boobs, they bring different effect and serve different function.
Me myself love to shop for lingerie. It gives a confident boost once you try on the good ones. And i feel so happy that i'm a woman and i could enjoy my sexual priority in trying out different outfits.
So Guys, think that you can read a women from her external to her internal?

Customize your own cleavage with removable push-up pads.

Which supports halfway of the boobs

Give support and lift

provide a skin touch piece of apparel (to wear under even the closest fitting styles.)

to show off your clavicles and toned shoulders:)

Revolutionary self-adhesive bra invented for a backless and strapless purpose.Even the tightest outfit won't reveal the mark of the bra worn inside!

Feeling like showing some cleavage and more flesh?
Nipple patch to the rescue!

of course it comes in different sizes and shapes..not only flowers.......doink!

and here are some playful ones:

I'll post about the panties and thongs in my next post.... (pictures from Frederick's of Hollywood)


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa very good post. But I suggest if unnecessary then don't use Push Ups 24/7. Risk of breast cancer :X

chiiliyeow said...

agree totally!

RieNa.YuMi said...

do not wear bra more than 12 hours straight...its not gud for breast...

btw...i lurve the one which can make me feel sexy...when i wearing it i will fell more energetic and more confidence....hehehehhe

magma3637 said...

nice post. very informative for an innocent guy like me. ek, can i 'cilok' it and put it in my blog. dont worry, i'll link back to ur blog. thanks (",)y *blushing*

chiiliyeow said...

magma3637: sure!! u can cilok worries...n please link me to your blog..i'l be glad if you do that.:)

Anonymous said...

wow... the nu bra i bought untill now never use >.<

chiiliyeow said...

双子星 :i checked on the Nu -bra last time..and they were expansive though.

bluR said...

jz a visitor.

nice post. ^^

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