Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting down-under

Guys, i've promised to post about this in my last here you are...enjoy!

Panties and knickers, they are actually the same piece of garments covering the genital parts ,meant to be worn under garments = underwear, below the waist level. Panties are used by the American and Canadian, whereas British and other commonwealths call them knickers.

Some history about panties:

Before the 60's, grannypanties were worn. In the 70's , when the sexual revolution took place, the public had taken sexuality into the next level. The concept of " free love" had taken the world by storm, with young people embracing the ethos of hippie and preaching the power of love and the beauty of sex as a natural part of ordinary life. So, panties had gotten smaller and skinnier to be more openly sexualised.

They are divided into various types based on such criteria as amount of rear coverage, width at the sides, and height at which they are worn.

Worn lower then the waistband. Has narrower strip and skinner touch.

Fuller coverage til waistband but the strips are reduced at the sides.

Thongs/ G-string/ T-back:
Like tanga but the rear coverage is not that full. It has a string strip designated to slip between the wearer's buttocks and becomes wider when it comes towards the top.

even less coverage then thong:

Boy shorts often cover most of the buttocks area, evolute from boys' shorts, sometimes we call it shorties. And they don't ride up like the thongs.(Embarrassing!)

This style covers a little more area, but exposes the bottom part of the buttocks. Some wear as bikinis bottom.

They are bands of fabrics to keep the stockings up.

**A garter is often worn by newlywed, and the gloom will toss to the male guests during the deflowering and unmarried male wedding guest who successfully caught the garter was believed to be the next man to be headed to the altar from the group of single men at that wedding. Traditionally, the man who caught the garter and the lady who caught the bouquet will share the next dance.**

for high rear and tummy coverage.

No-show panties:
high-tech dry fit micro-smooth panties to let the skin breath and pulling away moisture from the skin. Invisible under the pants.

give a full coverage til up to the belly.


renaye said...

ooh well... the boys shorts look comfortable to wear. i might hunt for them the next time i go buy brief.

thanks for introducing the types. even though i'm a girl but i never knew their names.

Anonymous said...

i like the no panties ^^
duno where can buy it~

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Boy shorts ARE comfortable to wear! :) They have the lace material, not just cottons. Seamless too. During summer, I bought many! It was like a combination of bikini, (semi)cheeky and no-show LOL

Good post, Chiili!

MOON* said...

thanks for visiting my blog^^

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