Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raya with joy

My final Raya here in Volgograd had put a contentment as an ending. As this is the final year, i decided to look around for baju to greet this Sunday open house at Hiroshima.
It started at 2pm, and by the time me and my housemates reach there, people already started flooding the hall where we were arranged to take our food in a buffet manner.
There were performance played by the newbies and video clips for reminding us about our root, our Malaysia.
And during the Best costume session.... i turned out to be the winner..goooosh...i was in the middle of munching and chewing my stubborn beef tendon when suddenly i saw all the faces looking at my side and fingers pointing and waving to call me out to the me and save the beef!
i was so malu that i wanted to hide myself into a hole...eventually i went out to recieve a jar of cookies and candies.Phew
Then we had a great picture session.Batch photo, groups photo, random taking, housemates gang, kvatira gang,etc...



Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

COngratulations! Finished the jar of cookies already? :)

chiiliyeow said...

Thanks! Finished already! Shared among with my friends. By the time i opened the jar..half of them gone in seconds..

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