Sunday, November 1, 2009

i shall dot dot dot

i hereby bow in the name of KKM, serve ma people and ma country and the needy.
i, shall work with uttermost eficacy,endurance, honesty, loyalty, gratitude and responsiblity.
i, shall not abide laws for my own goodness / benefit.
dot dot dot

i, shall wake up before sunrise and leave my ward after sunset
i, shall starve myself and monitor every patient's dietary balance TDS
i shall strain my bladder and to keep patient's urine output at optimum level
i, shall sleep on the couch and to let nursing care patient to sleep on ripple mattress when i could ache my back on every on calls that coldness and mozzies are my awakening nighmares.
i, shall check on every bowel preps awaiting for OT when mine is just as adynamic as a rock.

dot dot dot..
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