Friday, October 2, 2009

Off tag

7 days of i'm off tag. Tagging is a period for me to familiarize with the working environment and the culture of local hospital..
When stepping in the Kenanga, i felt the gush of pressure hitting my stomach. How would the MO and JMO treat me? would they bully and scrutinize me for an oversea HO like me? I've heard a lot about this bias thing circulating the country, and this is quite a bane for this carrier..i presume.

I was proven wrong. They welcomed me with an open heart, willing to lead me and guide me when curiosity and nescienty striked me. I've made mistakes and the clerkship was a total disaster, humouring my collegues and the MO with terms that jollied them. T__T

Well, sometimes i'm a no body...with no pride and low self-esteem. Even the nurses treat you like a Hey-no..But i have to beat they are savour when we are too busy to endend rescue dose of Actrapid for diabetic and Norvasc for hypertensive patients. We are the warriors..but They are the angels..the watching eyes of god.
Working hours are crazy..the standard 8-5 is crap..HO works from 0630-0000..hectic and stressfull. When we are monitoring Patents' electrolytes and the other hand..HO are dehydrated..
Skipping meals is a norm..i lose 2 kg in just 5 days.I just sound hateful aint? no..i like this job. It's something that would bring me satisfaction when i see patients wake up from alleged motor vehicle accident with Glasgow scale rising from 5-9, an amends to sleepless nights and peer pressures when patient could manja with you after she had just recovered from GI bleeding..
some little snippets that really make my day.


Wi said...

surgical posting alot to learn :D

CK said...

Sleep is the most important.

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