Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Medical Student Syndrome

Being a medical student is not publicly 'common',normal,and some might be called weirdo,brainy,nerd..u name it..
Medical student syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that are observed on medical student when they are exposed well enough to medicine. It's considered as a psychological disorder which affect the behavior and mood of a medical student

In a more medical way,the medical student's disease is also called hypochondriasis of medical student. The medical students would perceive themselves to be experiencing the symptoms and disorders from what they are studying. When they are studying the frightening disease. they tend to develop vivid delusion on it ,thus getting 'disease of the week'.

Some signs and symptoms that were observed are listed below:

1. Insomnia

2. While they are not sleeping, most of their times are spend in front of their books.

3. Talk alone without anyone around (like they were having hallucination).

4. They talk about what they read anywhere and anytime.

5. Like to recall anything that they read.

6. Absence signs (blank with no respond for a few minutes while their eyes are looking upwards.

7. Drink coffee a lot to make them stay awake.

8. Force themselves to stay awake at night.

9. Bring books everywhere they go.

10. Afraid of wasting time.

11. Hate co-curriculum activities

12. Able to communicate well with others but they are unsocialized.

13. Like to complain but in the end follow the rules.

14. Wear formal gear everyday.

15. Look very schematically.

16. Watch Anime and Play games when they did not have exams.

17. Sometimes they are aggressive and explosive but most of the time are able to control it.

18. Depressed.

19. Laugh alone when reading a non-humour book.

20. Laugh at themselves when they confront with problems or troubles.

21. Hate to go outside of their rooms.

22. Not intact with reality.

23. Not up to date with the surrounding events.

24. Deafnism (pretend to be deaf).

25. Hate their School’s Dean.

26. Do not want extra times in their exams.

27. Tension most of the time

28. Shouting frequently without any stimuli.

29. Jealous with the other course that have more time to sleep.

30. Love the library at the same time hates it.

31. Like to discuss their knowledge with the others.

32. Suicidal ideation.

33. Over or lower confidence

34. Always feel that they are having no time to do something. (delusions)

35. Sensitive

36. Love McDonalds.

37. Love the instant mee.

38. Like to blame others.

39. Very discipline. Did not like to break the rules.

40. Thinking too much when making decision on things other than medicine.

41. Quiet.

42. Experts in bluffing the answers.

43. Seldom fall sick.

44. Like to relate anything with medicine

45. Talk about sex normally and know so much more about it than anyone else.

46. Like to imagine things.

47. Like to make jokes every times.

48. Always say yes even the answer is no, or say I am not sure. No answers most of the time.

49. Always happy even though they are stressful everyday.

50. Frequently buy expensive textbook.

51. No time to defecate and urinate especially during exam because always thinking about their books.

51. Difficult to find boyfriend/girlfriend.



confessions of a medical student said...

wahaha!! damn funny wehh... i quitted coffee though, last year.. and i loved co-curicular activities, just that time is so limited....

i guess you should add : had at least at some point of their life consider giving up.... but somehow, we always make it through...

chiiliyeow said...

yea yea..i agree!i always have tat kind of feelings...self blaming all the time...
and also one more thing i would like to add...ppl wud fine us irritating while watching sci-fi movie wit us cz we wud be non-stop kutuk-ing the non-logic thingy in the movie..spoiling their mood..:)

Anonymous said... many u kena?

chiiliyeow said...

wi: i meet the criteria chiili is wit 3'i's la... :-(

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