Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Кватира ...flat

It has been a long time i haven't blogged after my practical exam..well..i was busy searching for a 3-room flat.
As usual, the agent who helps to find flat will call us whenever there's a flat available which suits our needs.
These are the necessities:

1. 3 separate rooms
2. telephone line

3. 4beds

4. 4tables

5. Strategic

and these are the optional ones:

6. fridge
7. New heating system

8. washing machine


Yesterday we went to see 2 flats.
The 1st one is at the center, but just suited 2 of the above necessities.
We tried to ask for 2 tables and 2 beds, and after bargaining and coming to the point of asking about the date of moving, the tenant( and old bitchy Russian lady) shook her head to the agent and said " не хочу" ( i don't want). The agent was surprised and asked why,"Просто..."(just simply),the old mean lady said.
After some time, we found out that the lady didn't like foreigners, she preferred Russians. Fine! who wants on old mean lady to be your tenant? Such as waste of my time and i had to skip lecture to see her flat.
I really don't understand that why she called the agent to promote her flat to us? so mean..

After this incident, we add in 1 more necessity... GOOD TENANT.

The 2nd flat we went was nearby my current hostel, just 1 more bus stop from my hostel( yes, here we all travel by public transport!)
We were greeted by another agent who wore thick and flashy make up. She made a call and asked us to wait the tenant for 10 mins.
please don't be a bad tenant..please don't be a bad tenant... telephone line...telephone line...4beds...4beds...fridge..fridge....etc
while waiting, we were praying ...
Suddenly a Honda 4 wheel drive parked in front of us and the agent told us that he's the tenant..
ahem...normal height, big belly, a pair of frames hanging down his nasal bridge, and he wore cologne.

When we enter his flat, we fell in love with it..it's a big contrast with the previous one. And about this tenant, he kept on selling his flat, from the kitchen to the toilet, from the telephone to the balcony...blah blah blah.....he then graped Danny's hand and brought him to the bath room and showed him how to switch on the heating system and the tap.
He promised us 2more cupboards and extra fridge (cause we told him that the fridge was too small).We awed by his generosity. At last we had a decision, we want it!
Phew.....guys! I'm moving out this weekend!! We are signing the contract tomorrow and I just hope everything will be smooth. finger cross....


Anonymous said...

wah..so nice and move out!i wish i could have my own space here..but... aiks:(nyway,happy staying in ur new flat lol..:>

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Why suddenly want to rent a kvatira? The one I'm living in has a bad landlady, very evil. Calculative and our fridge is spoilt, shes forcing us to fix/replace one :(

CK said...

Happy Moving!

Anonymous said...

haha... renting other people's house is always very mafan one laa.. plus in russia summore.. haih.. fed up also.. fast fast finish i wanna go back!

chiiliyeow said...

thx a lot joethew and ck ^^

chiiliyeow said...

gorgeous ol' eve, i just wana experience kvatira's life...since final d...^^

chiiliyeow said...

peanut, me too..i wana go back asap!

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