Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boat on steam=steamboat

Guys,sorry that i post this late which was supposedly to be posted 2 days back.
Day before 1st of May 2008
My Chinese friend YanYan insisted that we called for a makan. Well, why not?
The initial plan:
Me and Tong buy squid and mutton (Manda, YanYan's Indian bf,who's a Hindi, is not allowed to eat beef, which is my own fav..)
Danny,Shuyu buy fish fillet.


Went to Ramstor...alas!Out of mutton!!!
Called Danny n Shuyu(they were at Real,another 'major' hypermarket),asking them to get mutton there...also out of stock!!

Me n Tong bought squid and fish at the market nearby my place
Danny & Shuyu, empty handed with mutton(...sniff sniff......)

May 1 2008
Tong woke up early in the morning to fry the fish fillet, wearers i was kacauing him but not helping...

4 of us left the hostel to YanYan's flat.

Reached her place.
Start the choppings and washing...

The scene looking from from YanYan's kitchen...this is how Volgograd residential area looks like..peaceful..

Before the makan, we took a nice and serious picture in front of the foooooooooood!


There wasn't enough chairs for 6 of us and Manda would have to sit on a bed-side table. P/s, see his upset face compared to Shuyu's winning smile!

We ate and watched The Oscar's award non-stop for 2 hour....after 2 hours of stuffing food to's the result...


chiiliyeow said...

ckmb: here's my steamboat post.Sorry n paise for the delay...hehe..was busy

CK said...

Really boleh makan! LOL!

chiiliyeow said...

can far no diarrhea... :)

W1 said...

alerrrr..didnt invite me also.

dungu can go for labour d..kekeke

Anonymous said...

where is mine?

YY Ong LTR! said...

Yeha, steamboat is always my favourite.. I can eat whole the whole boat..
seeing steamboat also I cant stop commenting... yum yum yum.

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