Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Order your heart's content

1. Bitter Gourd or a more delicate term Balsam Pear stuffed fish ball
2. 叉烧包 Char Siu Bao - Chinese Steamed Pork Buns ( + turnip)
3. 菜糕 steamed Dumpling with Vegetable Filling
4. 梅菜包 Mei Chai Bao - Chinese salted leaves Bun

Dim sum is one of my favorite dish back home. Literally it's translated from the Chinese word "点心",or the traditional chinese "" , meaning "dotted hearts" in Mandarin, and "touched heart" or "order your heart's content (by Wikipedia)" in Cantonese . So, when you look at the dishes, it makes all sense, the delicate molding and shaping skill would easily win your heart out and keep you mouth watering. Dim sum was originated from GuangDong, China, where it was served in teahouses along the main roads where the merchants, travelers, farmers stopped by for naps or tea.
Now, the Dim sum is served by a trolley wheeled by waitresses and waiters around or you can order from the menu. Usually the serving is small, 4 or 2 pieces in a dish. And the pricing are based on the sizes, quantity, or the color of the plate serving the dish.

Eating at a Dim sum restaurant in Malaysia is not costly, yet it's a must-go. It's been a trend for families and friends to gather at a Dim Sum restaurant or teahouses as early as 5am, or after a morning exercise, often enjoying with newspaper reading. Some goers prefer to call it for a brunch, as most restaurants serve Dim sum till noon.

The above were the dishes which me and mum ordered, plus a pot of tea = RM 12.50 only


dolphing said...

May I know where you have this Dim Sun? I am looking for 梅菜包. Thanks. ^^

chiiliyeow said...

Hi dolphing, welcome !I personally recommend you this 梅菜包 in Dim sum city " 点心城" in Kampung Baru,BM( Bukit Mertajam). The other dishes so-so only.. :)

Anonymous said...

havent eat dim sum yet ler me...cuz wake up at noon everyday..aiks.. hehe (^V*)

dolphing said...

Hi Chiiliyeow, Thanks. I think I knew the location, I have been there for famous Yim rice. ^^

chiiliyeow said...

you are most welcome dolphing!
by the way, do you just stay nearby BM?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Hahahaaha I've been having dim sum also almost every morning! Chiili, you live in BM?

Anonymous said...


Darren said...

Hi yeow, thnx for droppin by and thnx for your wish!
All the best to your study too=)

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